Matts and Rats!

Well, it is about time that our blog be bearing these very belated words:

Okay, so maybe it's over a week too late, but ya know what they say...better late than never, right? Matt's birthday was a pretty fun day for us, in our regular stay-at-home-but-have-good-fun fashion. Melissa decided to pimp Matt's ride for his birthday present. The Saturday before February 4th, we went through a carwash, and so Matt knew that part of the surprise. But what he didn't know, he didn't find until Monday, and that was a new steering wheel cover, air freshener, antenna guy, chocolates, baloons, and the best of it all-a gray, smiling whale hanging from the rearview mirror. Sounds great right? Unfortunately, the car had its own present waiting, and decided to get a flat tire on Matt's way to student teach. Happy Birthday, Matt! Poor guy. But, it turned out to be an educational experience, as Matt was able to remind Melissa how to change a tire, so ya know...lookin' on the bright side of life. Plus, he also got all the muppet movies from some wife of his, so, how could life be any less than, eh?

Thanks to everyone who contributed to his birthday gains, and for remembering our wonderful would not be sweet without him! In other news, Melissa successfully conned Matt into another couple of furry trouble-makers, but this time they're a little smaller than the last two (who we still miss and await to be reunited with):

This is Rizzo, (as in Rizzo the Rat)...
...and this is his brother, (biologically), Remy, or Little Chef...
...and this is the proud mother.
They're pretty funny. Since they're still babies, and very active, they are kind of a handful, as they like to escape and they're so small it's hard to keep a hold on them. But they are sure cute, and if they live up to their namesakes, we should have a great cook and a cheesey comedian. Good times all around.
Alright, ya'll...if we have anything else exciting come up, we'll for sure let you know, but for now, peace!
Oh, and P.S. Just a random tidbit, but today Matt scored some free calendars from a teacher at the school he does his student teaching at. Now we have the Demotivator Calendar he already had from Christmas on one wall, a Golden Compass Motion Picture calendar on the other end of the same wall, a Harry Potter calendar on the neighboring wall, and at the other end of that wall, a Spider Man calendar, not to mention the chili peppers calendar hanging on our kitchen cupboard. We guess you can never have one too many calendars.


  • Billy and Katie | February 14, 2008 at 6:08 AM

    You should get one of those plastic balls that they run around the house in. They actually get smart and learn how to avoid running into walls and everything... and it keeps Lia entertained for hours! Its great!

  • Billy and Katie | February 14, 2008 at 6:09 AM

    PS- thats a great pic of you with them Melissa
    and Matt looks good changing a tire.

  • Billy and Katie | February 14, 2008 at 3:12 PM

    How do you tell the difference between the two rats? They look exactly the same in the photo?

  • MAM | February 14, 2008 at 4:24 PM

    Oh...I know, they both look white for some reason. Rizzo actually is smaller, has kinkier fur, and his head in real life is actually like a tawny color. Their mother was hairless! Gross! But thank goodness nasty things can have cute kids. Those balls are funny, we should get one!

  • Phil | February 16, 2008 at 3:35 PM

    Happy Birthday Matt and nice rats! Look forward to seeing how well they play with the cats.
    We're considering the cruise. We'll have to see where we are at. (geographically and financially)
    Wow! I honestly didn't mean to write you guys a poem. That is pretty er..phat?
    Ok we'll stop.

  • Dave | February 18, 2008 at 7:36 AM

    Wow, I didn't know Matt was such a fan of the Muppets! Personally, I can't get enough of Swedish Chef.