I Can't Put It All Into Words, But Here's Something...

So, my sweet, handsome hubby is all asleep in our bed. However, I'm awake, having one of those nights where all the little stresses finally hit me, and I feel very antsy. Instead of pretending I'll fall asleep any second, since I know I won't, I think I'll use my time to compile a list I've been meaning to. This list is dedicated to the one true love of my life, the man of my dreams, and the guy who once choked me with a grape.

Reasons I L-O-V-E, Love, Being Married:
-When I feel like I am talking about adventures, but not really doing, I have another person around to get me up off the couch and out there living.
-I can be myself; there's no other person besides Matt I would play Dance Dance Revolution in my underwear around...that game is not flattering with even the most of clothes on!
-There's always someone there to laugh at my jokes, even if it is a pity laugh, (which he kindly switches up now and then, so I never can pinpoint a obligated giggle).
-I do not need a mirror, instead I can ask my honey, and he always says I look good.
-Whenever I forget, "Why," I look at Matt and remember.
-Sometimes I need to be kindly made fun of, sometimes I need a listening ear, and sometimes I need to ridiculously blubber and be held, and he always seems to know which I need.
-Even on the days I'm acting like a dill-weed, I get treated like a princess.
-Laughter, laughter, and more laughter...I've never laughed so hard, so many days in a row.
-Retrospectively, I hardly knew the man I married; we had spent a whole whopping 10months together out of the 21+ and 24+ years we'd been alive. But I did know that Matt loved me, that he would treat me well, and that he was the person I wanted to love and treat well for the rest of eternity. To that we've added all of the things we didn't know before, and they only make me love him more.
-We still get to keep learning about each other.
-He eats all my cooking, though I'm pretty sure I'd be better at sheep-herding than I am at making food.
-Together we decided the world does not get to determine how our life or our marriage goes. Instead, we knew we get to create our own world, and so far that world is turning out to be the most beautiful place I've ever seen, been to, or even heard of.
-Surprises never end, and I am a sucker for the unexpected!
-All of the above is just going to get better.

Sorry if ya'll are thoroughly grossed out now. I just had to write at least a tiny part of how my life is so much better for the love that I share with Matt. Love you, Sweety!