More Marine Madness

Well, now you know that our obsession with our new gadget knows no bounds. Actually though, there is a reason for this separate tribute to the underwater world. Melissa took these pictures during a field trip to Shark's Cove with her marine biology class and promised to share the spoils, (plus, the new sea turtle pics she captured are way hot, so we had to post them). So, here ya go fellow coeds...hope it works for you to save them from here. (Also, if you can just ignore the weirdness in between here and there, if you scroll down there is a post with some pretty cool pictures from Kahuku reef, as well as some from the Hauula trip if you're interested):

Up close and personal with a pencil urchin.

Now, the fish photos are a little ify due to lots of noise in the water, but I thought I'd at least let you see them...

I thought this was kind of a funny shot...

And the real stars of the show. The first two pictures are the same turtle from in that cave in the middle of the reef (I just stuck my hand in and actually caught the thing, miraculously).

This was in the deep pool we started snorkeling in...same turtle three times.

Stay tuned for Haliewa Shark encounters...we go this Saturday. As long as our hand holding the camera is not chomped off, we should hopefully have some thrilling photos upcoming! Until then, peace and Goodwill to all. (P.S. If you click on the images they enlarge and will give you better quality for saving them to your desktop.)