A Tang Tag

So, I was tagged by the marvelous Heather, and here are the rules: you go to your files, pick the fourth picture in the fourth file, then you tag four friends.

Here's what my 4/4 picture ended up being:

This was taken shortly after Matt's and my first date. We took a little walk along the Provo River trail, (one of our typical activities later on in dating), and he kept trying to take a picture of me so he could post it on his blog, (I thought that was weird, but flattering...thankfully he did not post any of the unfortunate photos he did get of me that day, and thankfully none of those were the fourth picture in our file). A side note: that was the only cold fall, with real fall colors, that we have spent together, though we are hoping this fall with help us reminisce on the old days!

Well, now I tag: Katie, Cheryl (don't skip out on me, girl), the ModSquad, and Mallory