Disney In December

Well, it has been some time since we posted any of our adventures, but what better way to get back into the blogosphere than by boasting about our Disney trips? We were fortunate to get there twice this December, and both times were way fun!

The first time we went we hung out with our favorite nieces, their parents, and our good friend Reid. This was our first encounter with the "snow" they create after the fireworks show for a real Christmas display. Pretty cool stuff!

We also had the fortune of riding the Toy Story ride in California Adventure...
...Billy was there to explain to us, "it's in 3-D, which means you see things that really aren't there." Thanks Billy. We're always glad to have someone around who can tell us how it is!

Trip number two we shared with the Tangs, who were here from Hawaii, and the Horspools.

Our little Hawaiian niece has grown so much! She was way excited about going on the carrousel......though we showed our enthusiasm on the outside a little more.

Going on the raft ride seemed like a good idea...
...Melissa's experience ended up being a little soggier than expected.

In the animation center we took a little test to determine which Disney character we are most like. Matt turned out to be the most like Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast, and Melissa is apparently comparable to Izma from The Emporer's New Groove. We're not sure if either of those are favorable assesments.

All we can say is, at the end of a long, well-spent Disney day, we all feel like following Ashlyn's example in giving Mickey a big thank you hug!