A Little More What's Up

Well, we are back to our old shenanigans. Still catching up, we'll go back to Matt's birthday. "Old Matt" turned 27 years old on February 4th. Pretty crazy. So, an appropriate way to spend his birthday was to go to Disney land and act crazy!

Matt almost lost his head on the Alice in Wonderland ride.
"There's something right behind me, isn't there?"
Spinning oh-so-fast on the tea cups!

A couple of days after Matt gained a year, we finally and officially moved into our new home! We were so excited! Of course we had to bring our buddies with us, and they were pretty "thrilled" about the whole thing too, (not).

Billy and Katie graced us with their presence after we were a tiny bit situated. Lia and Sophie really digged our ghetto entertainment center...right at their level!

There seems to be some sort of tradition with us. Every time we move to a new place we acquire a pet, (which is why Matt refuses to ever move again!). February 17th we adopted a new furry friend. Meka was very interested in the arrival...and who said curiosity killed the cat?
A day or two later, "the new kitten," as we kept referring to him as, had a real name: Bowser. Yes, we have been playing too much Mariokart. Luckily Bowser throws very little fire, and he does not stomp around angrily. Instead he assimilated himself very nicely into his new home!

In the meanwhile, Matt spent his afternoons, (while Melissa was at her job she "loves" so much...grrrrrr), grooming and helping out our weed-infested yard.
He had quite the struggle with a gnarly rose tree...
...but eventually came out victor with a ginormous hole to prove it!
Well, we are getting dog-tired, or perhaps cat-tired? Until next time!