Happy Mother's Day

So, we all know how I very often have to best of intentions but the worst of follow-throughs. Therefore, I did not want to make my mom wait for her late card, (again), to get to her before I wished her a happy mothers day.

Thank you, Mom, for being such a great example of a mother and just for being a great example of a woman. Your acts of kindness and thoughtfulness were always done quietly and without fanfare, but I always noticed and I know all of us kids have learned how to serve others from you.
Thanks for all you do, and for all the fun times! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! We love you!


  • Amber | May 13, 2009 at 7:00 AM

    Hey Melissa! Thanks for the comment on my blog- We would LOVE for you to teach piano! I think Spencer is especially ready to start. Let me know when a good time would be and we'll work something out.