This year we started the fall festivities off by going to the pumpkin patch near us. Turns out it's a pretty cute little place!

After taking our loots home we carve, carved away. Matt's panda turned out especially well!

On the actual night of Halloween our first trick-or-treaters were the cutest little herd we had ever seen!
Awwwww! So sweet!
Even giraffes get boogies!
Loving her costume!
Even though we had no real costume party to go to, we did not want to miss out on the opportunity to play dress-up. Can you tell who we are? (A few people guessed right).
Lucky for us we were invited to hang with the Horspools for the night. Going trick-or-treating with all the kids was fun for us...man they love their candy!
Apparently the fun was a little too much for Ryan who barely made it back out of the bathroom before passing out...all that sugar grabbing and munching will really take it out of a kid!
Some of the Horspools left, but the Tangs and those still around joined with us in decorating "Monster Cupcakes."

Very scarey! (The cupcake that is...)
These are our finished Monster Creations...we suggest this activity for anyone...really gets the creative juices flowing!
All in all our Halloween turned out to be a great time! Now we are just excited for the rest of the holiday season!