I Sure Hope This Year's Not Stupid

Well, we are back home now, trying to recover from vacation hangover. Our trip was so fun, and even though it's always hard to say good-byes, now it's time to face a new year and get ready for all our upcoming changes! Before we forge ahead though, we have to recap our last couple of days in Oregon:

Melissa got to got to dinner with her old pal of twelve years. Matt endured an entire dinner at Olive Garden of the two girls gabbing away...what a champ. And Jenna was kind enough to not make any fat jokes even though Melissa is visibly bigger then last time they saw each other!

New Year's Eve started out with a feast of several different hors'devoures. Despite eating way too much we still were able to down our Italian sodas and dessert!

Melissa has explained the Old Maid tradition on this blog before...check out the 2007 New Year's Eve post if you're wondering why Jared is drawing on poor Melissa. Let's just say you do not want to end up with the Old Maid, but you do want to be the last person to pass it along...
...the losers always tend to stand out in our post Old Maid group shot!

After watching A White Christmas, the time had come to toast to a brand-spankin' new year! It's hard to believe we are already a decade into the new millennium!

Of course we had a sweeter way to bring in the new year than just sparkling apple cider...

In the words of Matt, "I sure hope this year's not stupid!" (to which Melissa's family offered another toast). But seriously, we hope all of you are enjoying the New Year and we are looking forward to continuing on in love, learning, stress, adventure, hilarity...whatever is bound to come our way!