Our Two Monther

Elliot is growing like crazy! It's hard to imagine that tiny, wrinkly, newborn we brought home two months ago. Here are her 3week and 2month stats (for comparison):
Length: 20.5in/22.75in
Weight: 7lbs 12oz/9lbs 4.5oz
Head Circumference: 14.3in/15.2in

What a little cutie! She is pretty skinny for her height, but look at her dad and you'll see why!

Since it has been a little while this will be a combo Elliot update/what we've been up to post.
On April 26 we got to go to Heather's 26th birthday! Elliot loves her adopted Uncle Matt. Of course it was a great party...as always with this group!

Funny kid!

This last weekend Elliot got to go on her first road trip! About a four hour drive to Santa Maria. She did great! Slept almost the whole time and did not fuss at all! That's our trooper!
The whole point of the trip was to meet Phil and Heather's new addition, sweet little Lillian! She was blessed on May 1, and we were so glad to be there!
Fun times for Heather and Melissa to share...cousin-best-friends are the best!

Poor baby! Shots are more traumitizing for: A. The Baby? or B. The Parents? Hard to say. The little scream she let out with every shot was like nothing she had ever done before. So sad! It would be great to never make her go through that again. Unfortunately four months will come up soon.

Despite anything Elliot is a sweety! We love our little girl so much!