What Happened to August, September...wait...October?

It feels like life has been very busy, though most of that has to do with just this small thing: MCINTOSH PHOTOGRAPHY!

We don't want to give anything away, so just know that after four years of photographing, planning, editing and paying lots of money, we have officially launched ourselves on the world, (or at least the Southern California area!).

Check us out at http://www.mcintoshphotos.com/, and from there you can click on the blog link to see even more!

Enough tooting our own horn. Aside from getting our photography act together, we have done quite a bit. Here are some highlights:

August sixth we got to attend Melissa's cousin, Jamie's, wedding. Her and Spencer made a gorgeous couple, and we had lots of fun with all our family!
Way too cute!

At the end of August we attended Spencer and Jamie's open house in Provo. Elliot got to meet her Uncle Danny, the handsome guy on the very right end of the first pic, (though the picture does not do him justice!). He was on a mission when we took our trip up to Oregon, so we all met up in Utah for a very good time!
Four generations!

We took a trip to Oak Glen and found out some interesting info about Elli. The decision was difficult to keep her or turn her in for the reward...until she made that face. Then we knew we had to hold on to this one!
 Elli also demonstrated how much she likes to "stand." The reason her hands are blurred is because they are always moving!

 There was a whole string of birthdays. Samburger turned one...
 ...then Ashlyn turned four, (who we don't have a picture of, but we did get a shot of us at her party!)...
 ...and our dear nephew, Tommy entered the realm of a one year old! Elliot and Melissa got to go to an awesome pumpkin patch with Tommy and his family. (They did not get to stay long, so our pictures were mostly of Elli, but please believe she grabbed that goat by the nose. Classic!)
We love all the little people in our life and cannot believe they are getting so old!

Our niece, Lia, started soccer again and we were privileged to go to her first game. She's gots skills!

Elliot might not be up to the soccer challenge yet, but she is a master at playing peek-a-boo all by herself...
...and has quite a talent for the "scrunchie face," (which she can transform into adorable in a split second).

We would continue, but we are all tuckered out. See our McIntosh Photography blog though for a teaser to one of our latest, very awesome shoots!


  • Phillips Family | October 20, 2010 at 8:15 AM

    I gotta say, I am a little jealous you all live close to all the old Lib. Square friends. It has been quite a few years. Too bad you don't live closer to Wyoming...my wife is looking for a new photographer because our lady moved to California...cursed California!!