Birthdays and Boogers and Fangs...Oh My!

 So we are sure that breaths have been held just waiting to see what we have been up to since Christmas, (aside from impaling chickens and entering label contests). The answer? Well...

Our sweet niece, Lia, turned five on February 3rd! What?!? How in the world she got so old is beyond us...probably magic.
 She is so good with Elliot!

Next was Matt's turn to add a year to his age. Now it is official that the world has been a better place for the last 29 years! Elliot and Melissa thank their lucky stars for this guy every single day!
 To honor him Melissa cooked up a little birthday treat. Who says 29 is too old for a video-game themed cake?!
 Oh...and the trick candles allowed for Matt to make not just one, or two, or three, but four wishes. Must mean something great for the year to come!
 The best part about the day was that Billy and Katie inadvertently got Matt a Snuggie to go right with the cake! This gift and Matt were definitely love at first sight, and now Matt slinks around the house, convinced nobody can see him in his stealth blanket with arms.

All of us got to combat the weird flu/cold that is going around. Elli went through her bout like a champ, even showing off a little with cool snot-bubbles.

For some time Elliot has been going team Edward on us, (if you can't see what we mean just click on the photo and make it bigger). Capturing her vampire smile can be quite the trick since it is usually very quick, (like Edward), but just look at that sparkle! (Like Edward). Unfortunately, the vampire look will soon vanish as Elli's two middle teeth have broken through. This makes four on top, four on bottom...that is one toothy grin! (If only her hair would make such an entrance!)

Oh, and what is this? That's right. Our sometimes timid girl is throwing caution to the wind these days and has learned to pull herself up to standing! Wow, wow! Gratefully we lowered her crib only the day before she decided to really master this art! Now she is an unstoppable, standing fiend!

As always, stay tuned...more cuteness to come, we are sure!