Having Elliot old enough to at least enjoy all the attention she got for Easter this year was super fun. Here's how things went down:

The Friday before Melissa and Elliot went up to Big Bear to visit with Grammy, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Tom, Niki, Katie, Heather, Cozette and Lillian. (Matt was at Magic Mountain with his students. Poor guy!) After a fun game of lazer tag, (where Uncle Tom was dominated by his female opponents...he was a good sport about it!), we all went to a park. Elliot finally had fun in a swing, all by herself! (She liked to drool and watch it hit the ground...gross!)

Grammy set up a little Easter candy hunt. Elliot was all too eager to find the goods, (which she stuck in her mouth, wrapper still on, and chewed until there was a hole which she could suck sweetness out of. Again...gross!)
 Cozey found delicious bunny teeth...super attractive!!

Next we all took a few swings at the Easter pinata Grammy had made!
 Niki held babies until it was her turn again! Cute girls!
 Our Big Bear day was a blast. We've been so glad to see our family so much lately!!

Easter Sunday Elliot got all spruced up in her new dress!
Such an Elli-look!
 From the front! Elliot is pointing to her nose because she is super excited these days to prove she knows where it is! She can also locate noses on other people, though her finger is apt to go right up them!

Then it was time to find what the good ol' bunny had left us! Elliot found her basket with help from Daddy and dug right in...
 ...each item was inspected for about two seconds then thrown on the floor!
 Melissa's bundle of tasty treats!
 And Matt with his camouflaged bucket!

Later, after church, we went to Chris and Robin's where we had a big old Easter egg hunt. Elli was really getting into this activity!
 Don't mess with Elliot's eggs...seriously...

Dinner was awesome and we hung out with all our fun peeps. Such a great day!!
We hope you all had a great Easter too!
(Oh, and we all thought this was so cute, but only because we don't have a dishwasher...I'm sure this would get old if we did! But hey...she probably could have used a rinse cycle!)