Harry Pottered!!

I'm sure that you've all heard, but now here's the proof, that we actually are a little Harry Potter crazy! Matt had to work at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Party. It was pretty cool. There was an employee party from 6PM-8PM, then the school party from 8PM-12:30AM. There was free popcorn with buckets of dry ice simmering away next to them, chess set ups, ping pong, a "Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean" contest with Harry Potter journals as prizes (I won one...yes!!), Harry Potter One going on in one place, Harry Potter Four going on, and then the costume contest. I am proud to say that I won second place in the 18 and up category (they said it was the nose), and therefore won a free seventh book!! We had, of course, already pre-ordered the book, but we just returned that one, and there we go! Matt won fourth place in the employee costume contest, and won a free fakey Ipod Shuffle thing, but it works, and it holds 1GB, so now I have work-out tunes!

Matt was a little scary as a Death Eater...we just kept him away from the children. He had the Dark Mark and everything...

...Let's get a look at that bad boy! Pretty sweet, huh?

Tonks was able to Metamorph at will, of course. Sometimes she got a little angry because the nose hurt though!

Meka didn't seem to like his Professor McGonagall role very much...I don't know why...he's a natural at Transfiguration!

Here's me with the other adult winners. Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and Professor Trelawney were perfect!

Oh, this has nothing to do with Harry Potter, but it is another exciting bit of news...our new baby!

We are already done with the seventh book, so thus endeth the novel excitement for us. Two more movies and it will be all over for the Potter saga. A moment of silence, please...we will miss this when it's all over!


  • Dave | September 23, 2007 at 4:46 PM

    Sweet piano! Mindy's siblings got us one for our wedding. I think Melissa should wear the pig snout more often. And I always knew Matt was a druggy.