California Adventure: Not Just a Theme Park

So we are back in Hell, we mean Hawaii. But our California trip was amazing plus some. The main highlights were honestly our nieces, Lia, who we played with tons, and Sophie, who we got to be there as she entered the world. Not to be forgotten though were all the other people we love that we got to be with! Taking a break from here was go sood, seeing everyone was a reminder of how loved we are and how many great people we have in our lives, and going to some of our favorite places, new places, and great places was way fun. Not to mention we celebrated our first anniversary!! Woo woo!! What a great year and our anniversary day was just perfect! This next year will be even better, we know it!

So, pictures from top to bottom are: Lia playing with bubbles; Matt being loved at California Adventure; Matt and Lia buddying in a Bug's Life; Matt lounging at our romantic getaway we took on August 11th in Ojai; giving Lia a bath...wet!; Sophie, about 20 minutes, half hour, after she was born; kayaking on Big Bear Lake with Grammy, Mom and Dad; Melissa, Grammy, Nugget and Dickens out for a hike; Sophie at four days old; our wonderful brother, sister-in-law and nieces; Katie and the girls!