Something Tells Me It's All Happening At the Zoo...

Well, Saturday we decided to go a little random and do something out of the ordinary for us. Turns out it was a great idea! The Honolulu Zoo is small, but really nice, and we saw the whole thing!! It made for a great day of hanging with some funky friends in cages!

The infamous Galapagos Tortoise! Cuter in person than in its pictures!

This was a fearsome creature...stay back from the cage!!

Have you seen my griffin? I think it flew that way...

Some crazy-pretty vines hanging from a big ol' tree.

Ode to the Savannah

Have a seat!

Oh my gosh! Matt.....noooooooooo!!

Ah, the pink, so pretty, so pea-brained.

Very intense activity at the zoo: Hippo Riding. Not for the faint of heart.

Where'd Matt go? Oh my gosh, he turned into an elephant!

Now that's just too picturesque...

Is it an alligator? Is it a crocodile?'s a