Get Ready for the World's Longest Entry Part I...

So, it has been awhile, and for that we offer our sincerest apologies. But, we are back. Not exactly in the way we wish (we should have been studying instead of doing this blog), but ya know, the semester's almost done, and we've had some good times, so the stories must be told! Hold on to your hats asked for're going to get pictures!

We did go to the Big Island with Melissa's class. The break from our little patch island was nice, and even though our teacher tried to kill us, we got in some good hiking and saw some cool things.

Matt is chilling in front of a lava tree, not something you see everyday, and Melissa is crouching in a little tumulus. Yeah, we learned some geology...actually, we learned a little too much...we really hate rocks now!

So, we went to a crazy luau for a girl Matt works with. It was in celebration of Kanoho's birthday, who is half Tongan, half Tahitian, and loves Halloween. So, since her birthday falls on Oct. 27, she combined her 21st B-Day party with a Halloween party, and well, the following is what occured...

Check out the half of calf and the cake. That would be 21 for each year. That's some intense cake-age.

Also intense was the food and the haunted house. We had some Tongan affair, some Tahitian delicacies, and then Matt got to play Death and scare little kids. Overall, an interesting night. The family was really nice, and it was kind of cool to go to a "real" luau.

We celebrated Halloween in our small way. Grammy provided some entertainment by sending us a cookie decorating set, and we watch Jurassic Park for a little thrill. It was simple, but it was nice...we just like hanging!

Heather and Phil Hamer, Melissa's cousin and her husband,
came all the way from Washington D.C. to stay at our place and hang at the beach. We mostly did school, but it was fun to hang out with them in the evenings and catch up. We'd never even met Phil, and since they're soon having their first kid, it was about time!

Then, the Hamer's last day hear, Heather and Melissa's grandparents came into Honolulu on a cruise ship. We got a free lunch at the Cheesecake Factory from them, and it was great to have them here and spend some time with them. It's always nice to have visitors we love!