A Friendly Game of Tag!

Well, I have been tagged by Katie. So, I guess there are some rules to this game, and they are as follows: List 6 little known things, obsessions, or quirks about yourself and then tag someone else to do the same.. Fun, eh? Alrighty then, I guess I have to divulge some juicy tidbits…
- Switching Majors- I may not be the absolute worst about changing up my educational life, but I thought I’d put it down as I just switched again, with my graduation date looming ahead in just a mere six months! But, have no fear, I still graduate the same time; I just make my life a whole lot more stress free, my schedule a whole lot more fun, and my free time at least a little more plentiful, so yea for that! It’s only the fifth time I’ve switched…ya know, no biggy!
- Animals- Pretty much, I have always been an animal lover. When I was little I’d pet any stray dog that came near, favor those of my friends who had pets, and cry to my daddy whenever I wanted a new animal friend in the house (and it usually worked!). I’ve owned lots of rats, an iguana, a rabbit (for awhile), had a turtle for a bit, babysat a dove for a whole summer, had a ferret, and now currently three cats, one of whom my parents now own, and two of whom are at my in-laws. So, yeah…I guess you could say I like animals (just currently can’t have them-boo)!
- Media- I’ve always been really into reading good books, writing, listening to/playing amazing music (go classic rock…love the 70’s), watching any movie that is actually good, or gazing at some touching photograph/art piece. I’ve always felt that a good movie, book, song, poem, picture, whatever, can be just what is needed for a bad day, a good day, a confusing situation, a good laugh, or whatever life brings up. Other people out there have good things to say, and sometimes they end up answering a question, or validate a conclusion I’ve come to, and I think it’s valuable to have that stuff around!
- Learning- If time and money were endless, I’d have surfing, photography, time with Matt, animals, all that stuff for part of my day, then the rest of the day I’d be sitting around with Matt while we perused through magazines or journals on stuff we wanted to learn about; we’d go to classes together and learn art or dance, or philosophy, and then we’d be multilingual. I know it’s not really possible to have all of that, but I hope to always be learning. I love it, it’s good for me, and I hate the thought of my mind being stagnant…gives me the chills!
- Sports/Recreation- I’d have to say that being active has always been important to me, even if I haven’t always had the chance to be directly involved in organized sports. Currently, Matt and I are purchasing two surf boards, and now with my schedule change we should have time to work out again, and I can’t tell you how excited I am! I love feeling active…makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, and I love the feelings I get from a good hike, or from catching that best wave of the day.
- Matt- If there’s one thing that’s always on my mind, that always makes me smile, that has fulfilled my life in every way, and is my favorite thing in the world, its gotta be Matt!! Before Matt, I may have had those few days, or months (or maybe a year or two), where life just felt hard and I had little motivation, but ever since meeting Matt, I’ve never had that! It’s amazing! If I have a bad day, Matt is there to cheer me up, whether he means to or not. We have so much fun, and we look dang good together, so what more can I say? I love my Matty!

Now I tag Matt and Billy. Have fun all!

*Apparently I did not know Billy was eventually tagged by Katie, so now I tag Matt and Cheryl!