Our Christmas Vacation: Part I - Waiting for Christmas

Well, we are back to blogging...it's always hard to stay caught up while not at home. But, we once again find ourselves in Hawaii: that cockroach-infested, dirty, rainy island we live on. Sigh... oh, okay...it's not that bad. However, we did have a lot of fun in Oregon, and sometimes coming back to reality is a slight downer. So, in order to cheer ourselves back up, we'll share the good times with all of you! Since we were there for a couple of weeks, and we're a little picture crazy, this is just the first installment of our Oregon going ons.

First day at the Koch's we got to attend Jared's high school band...he's a good little saxaphonist!
Matt was able to participate in the annual village...a tradition involving tons of grahm crackers, egg-white frosting, and candy. Though not very edible in the end, it's still fun and every year we all get a little more creative...
...for instance, this year Matt decided to recreate Bag End, (or the home of Bilbo Baggins for those of you uncultured), and it is tricky to build a rounded hill out of grahm crackers, if you know what we mean!

Melissa contributed a more Biblical structure, namely Noah's Ark. The real work went into the animals, which took much too much time for something that is mostly going to collect dust and end up in the Gresham, Oregon landfill. But Noah Gummybear looks happy, so it was worth it!

Aside from traditions of her family, Melissa was reunited with her kitty, whose current name is, well, Kitty.

Danny, back from his first semester at BYU Provo, was pretty shy the whole trip. I mean, he ran from the camera like a vampire from garlic. Okay, not really...but he actually liked being on the other side of the camera more, especially once we got our amazing, new, external flash. He couldn't keep his hands off of it.

Look at that hotty! He looks good in autoflash mode!

Our camera bag...oh, and Melissa as well.

Jared is getting pretty old...already a freshman in high school. You can tell because his little fuzzies are starting to show up on his legs...awwwww...they grow so fast (the kids, that is...not the fuzzies)!
Natalie continues on in the tradition of all Koch kids, namely playing the piano. Grammy is back in the music field herself, as she's taken on some piano students.

We love our Grammy!!