Our Christmas Vacation: Part II - Christmas Day!!

Ah, the anticipated Christmas Day!! Melissa's family starts out the day by Mom and Dad making a fire and lighting all the candles on the mantle, then Dad rings these Santa Bells to let the kids know they can come out for the gift opening! Don't worry...it was all smiles and glee, it just appears we happened to catch a serious moment during a lag in the festivities!

There was a near run-in with The Grinch trying to take off with all the presents. Luckily, we found out it was just Matt, and we were able to turn him into the happy Grinch who "he himself carved the roast beast," (if you recall good ol' Dr. Suess' Christmas tale).

What's more surprising, Matt smiling for the camera, or whatever Melissa is looking at?

You can tell that Natalie was very disappointed with the CD/Radio/Alarm clock she received from Santa...poor girl!

Dad was also very enthusiastic about his gifts...he just more shows it inwardly. :)

Mom is scrutinizing her gift...don't worry, she ended up loving it once her eyes focused!

Yup...the Christmas Eve PJ's. Ain't we just the cutest things!? This was, (just to remind everyone), our second Christmas together, which means that Matt has twice bought Melissa the perfect pair of Christmas pants, and this year, a great pair of socks to go with them. Good job, Matt!
So, Melissa got really excited when it started to snow, but it wasn't quite enough to catch in a picture, although if you look really close there's two big pieces of "dandruff" on her head, which are actually two melting flakes of snow...
...see...here's proof...there really was snow. A white Christmas...perfect! What a great day! We were totally spoiled, had a great time, Grammy got to be there which is the first time in years for the Koch's to have here there, and David called from his Salt Lake City mission sounding good and missionaryish...what more could we ask for?! Just 358 more days till next Christmas now...can't wait!!