Maui, Day 2

The next day was Sunday, and Easter Sunday at that. We celebrated the candy side of Easter on Friday, before we left, but that will have to be a different post. On Maui, we went to the Lahaina ward, which was very nice. Then, for no apparent reason, I really wanted to go past this place called the Surfing Goat Dairy. I knew it was probably closed for Easter, but I just wanted to see if the goats really surfed. So I made Matt drive through central Maui, which pretty much looks like Southern California. It's alright though, because actually it was very pretty, and though the goats were not surfing (I say we sue for false advertisement), they were still pretty cute. (Can you see the goat below? He may not surf, but he does a good rock impression).

A view from near the dairy.

Next we headed to Hana, for a very twisty ride. My greasy breakfast didn't really agree with me, so pretty soon into the drive I had to get out looking something like the Incredible Hulk, I'm sure (I did not rip my shirt off though, or puke...thank goodness on both accounts). Luckily, I happened to get nauseous right near a cool little nature walk, so we got out, went pee in the woods, and rested our stomachs.
It was very peaceful until this guy showed up...he definitely was not invited!

Tarzan found his own way to avoid nasty crawly things...

Eventually we got back on the road, but hadn't gone far when we saw a little waterfall to explore. We cooled our feet in the pool and enjoyed the beautiful scenery for quite some time with nobody bothering us...pretty swell!

Owe owe owe!

We ended the trip for that day at the Hana Kai Resort, which was reserved and paid for us by a very kind mother and father. After spending the night in our car in Lahaina the night before, (not to mention we put the seats back wrong and had about half of the room we could of), a place with a real bed was looking right nice. The resort was right on this black sand beach, and the waves sounded amazing. We played cards and Clue that night, ate dinner on our private balcony overlooking the bay, and then felt the spirit of the day by reading the story of Christ's atonement and resurrection in the Bible.  All we needed then was to fall asleep to the lull of the ocean, which we did. Perfect day!