Maui, Day 3

We woke up from a wonderful nights sleep at our Hana Resort. After a quick breakfast and check-out we headed further up the road to see what we could find. We stopped at a few of the waterfalls and took some pictures. Eventually we arrived at our destination, Haleakela National Forest.

First thing we headed down towards the ocean to get a good look at the Seven Sacred (not secret) Pools.

Afterward, we headed into the jungly-jungle. This is a cool Banyan tree that crossed our path.

And then we came to this monstrosity... a forest... of bamboo... a Bamboo Forest!!!

At the end of the road. A gi-nourmous waterfall.

After getting back to the car we had a quick lunch in the car with the air conditioning on. Then we headed back towards Hana and to a cool red sand beach. We saw this scene with the red flowers and Melissa snapped a picture.

And then the black sand beach. It was absolutely beautiful...

Hey look!!!! Black Sand!!!!

Me and my beautiful wife...

And Black Rocks!!!! This truly is an equal opportunity beach!!

But not to nudists or hippies or homeless people... or ugly people...

I'm a big fan of this picture below!

All over the place there were these banana bread stands. We thought that maybe everyone else knew something that we didn't so we had to stop and try some. Amazingly... it tasted like banana bread... Weird huh? We also tried this fruit called star apple???

The curvy-curvy road of Hana:

View of taro fields from the road in a discrete town: