Maui, Day 4 (& 5)

Well, the good times had to end, but we decided to just take it easy and chillax at the beach on our full, last day. For that we headed down to Kihei and found ourselves a spot on a crowded, yet really pretty beach with warm water and soft sand...lovely!

After obtaining a couple of sunburns, we headed to Haleakala to see what we could see. As we started the drive up in elevation, we went right into this cloud layer, and so we could barely see the town below under the was kind of cool.

Matt did lots of fine driving on our trip...what a hottie!

We parked our "tent," (aka our rental car), at Hosmer Grove Campground, which definitely called for a different set of clothing than what we were wearing at the beach! When we got to Hosmer Grove it was only about 4:30PM, and already getting cold, (at least for us thin-blooded folk). Matt busted out his great veggie-chopping skills though, and we made ourselves a couple of fine foil dinners and two "banana boats," (if you want to know what those are, ask Melissa sometime), with supplies we purchased earlier.

Mmmmmm....cha cha cha cha cha cha...delicious!

Matt may appear to be mentally handicapped here, but it was just that his foil dinner was so delicious, he lost all brain function.

The next day we pretty much kind of missed our chance to see the sunrise from the top of Haleakala due to uh...complications (long story and less interesting than our last few blog we'll skip it). So we pretty much endured the freezing cold, (it dropped to about 40 degrees as the night progressed), for, well, foil dinners. But we had a lovely breakfast at good ol' Denny's and took a picture of our "hotel." We'll have to write in to Chrysler about some very uncomfortable metal hooks and the need for better padded floors in their Town and Country models, but other than those little set-backs, our home-sweet-home minivan wasn't too bad!

And that, our friends, is the end of our Maui saga. We know, we is extremely sad it's over, but don't fret, we still have shark cages and Kauai to experience, so there'll be more fun in the not-so-distant future!


  • Aub | April 12, 2008 at 9:18 AM

    So, I've never even met ya'all, but i love looking at your pictures - they make me more jealous than you could even imagine! A low of 40 during the night! We went camping last weekend and 40 was warming up!We had to sleep with beanies on! Well your trip looks like it was a blast! Maybe someday Taylor and I will go!