This and That and A Big Yahoooooooo!!

things have been just a little crazy around here lately. Stress levels were at a shocking high for a couple weeks there. However, now that Melissa is done with her last two finals, just as of today, all we can say is, "YEA!!!!!!!" We are so glad that is over with....this was a hard semester, but the last one, so the resulting joy is insurmountable! Now Matt just needs to finish his student teaching, Melissa needs to finish her last term, and we will officially enter the real world and the realm of job searching. After anatomy, that sounds amazing!
Since we were dealing with all that school stuff, we kind of slacked on some of our more fun going-ons. Actually, we skipped right to Maui because we were so excited for it, thereby missing other great times, like Valentine's Day. We didn't do a whole lot, though Matt was very sweet and bought Melissa some beautiful flowers. However, we did go to our favorite restaurant, Haliewa Eats. The BEST Thai food in the WHOLE world!! Melissa had to take a picture of the spring rolls, because they are seriously AMAZING! She is addicted. But all the foods there are good, particularly the good!

We really like Haliewa is great...some of the waitresses know us by name, we're there so much.

Another day, not so long ago, we went down to Honolulu to explore this little area we had seen before. We walked around and realized that much of the area was a cemetery. Imagine our surprise when there was a retirement home right next to the graveyard. Now that is just rude!!! What exactly are they trying to say? After seeing the sights though, we made a stop at Red Lobster, another of our dining delights. When we go we always have to get the "Alotta Colada." It is huge, delicious, and a big, big favorite of ours.

Anyway, another little tidbit we caught on camera is the pigeon couple that lives in our complex. They are pretty funny...the loudest little suckers you've ever heard. Well, it's mostly the male who is loud. He makes this noise that is beyond words, (he is the gray one), and let's just say we thought we had truly moved into married housing the first time we heard the noise. It took us awhile to realize it was just a bird! They're great...they live at the end of our hall on an electrical meter box, and we think they're a great quirky addition to this place!

The other bird on this post is a Golden Plover. We love these guys. They run all over. Melissa has learned quite a bit about them as one of her biology teachers does research with them. They're territorial, so it's pretty funny to watch them fight each other off. Soon they will fly to Alaska, which is where they will breed and raise their chicks. The distance they're willing to go for love!

Last, but not least, we also celebrated Easter with a little easter basket hunt this year. Matt cleverly disguised Melissa's basket as a pile of clothes, while Matt's basket ended up in a back pack. (It is pretty hard to hide stuff from someone in a tiny little apartment, but the main fun was making the baskets for each other anyway). Since we were on Maui on Easter day, we did the baskets right before.

Well, that should be all we missed, in a nutshell. Not that it is all that exciting, but it sure feels great to have the time to post again! Whoooooo!!