Celebratory Hike and Thai

The day after my last day of student teaching we decided to go all out on Saturday. We got up in the morning and picked up a couple of our friends here before heading down to town. We wanted to do this hike that Melissa read about on the internet from some site that talked about all the things you need to do in Oahu. We have already done most of them, but evidently this hike called Moana was a "must do."

It was a pretty cool hike, very rain-foresty and planty. The waterfall was a little lacking because the weather has been very hot here and I don't think it had really rained for a while, but it was still really pretty back there.

After the hike we headed down to the beach for just a little while to wait for our reservations at this really cool Thai restaurant. The food was awesome and had some buy-one-get-one coupons that made it even better. Overall, a wonderful day of fun. Melissa is such a wonderful and fun wife for planning it all!!