It's A Watery World Out There

So, now we have this awesome camera, introduced to us by the Tangs. Since our purchase it's like we just discovered that living on an island means you're surrounded by ocean. WHAT? Crazy! We've been trying our little gadget out in any bit of ocean that will let us in, such as the bit at Laniakea Beach where we met this cute little guy, (we like to call him Mr. Turtle):
Okay, since we know you can't be fooled, we confess, this picture was taken above the waterline. Nevertheless, no less sexy, eh?

And if that isn't hot...

...check this out! Oh baby!

This dude was all dressed up with nowhere to go...poor guy!

Once again, we're on land, but this is a good example of something you DON'T want to touch, or be touched by in the water. You know it as a Portuguese Man-of-War, and around here we call them blue bubbles. We've heard they pack a nasty sting!

Meet a Left-handed hermit crab. Funny little creatures!

We found this fellow stranded between tide pools. Melissa tried to give him mouth-to-mouth until she realized his condition was worsening. Luckily there was a decent-sized puddle nearby and he was able to get a gill-full of precious oxygen when Melissa chucked him in.

Back in the water we got to see a very nice unicorn fish. A little camera shy, but still pretty.

Ooo, la la!

Check this's a porcupine fish! Sweet, huh? That thing was about one foot long. We did not find it, sadly. We were with my marine biology class, and some kids caught him right by the shore. However, we did take a shot when he was released from his bucket, and turns out he was quite the ham (for the camera that is...we know he's fish).

And some more underwater scapes from the field trip. Magnificent!

We really like our new toy. Hopefully we'll get even better with it before we go hit the shark cages!