A Tangy Tribute

We are so very fortunate that our last entry was nothing but lies. Jason, Heather and Ashlyn are too good for us, but we had all just been too busy to hang out for awhile there. Fortunately they forgave us for our rudeness, and even invited us to come and watch Jason fire knife dance at the PCC! Yes, he actually did dance with a knife that was on fire. After two months of training, he got to prove himself at the world famous PCC Night Show! It was part of this thing his news station does, called "Job Swap." So Boyd, the dancer from West Samoa that trained Jason had to go on the news and explain what happened and everything. (Ya'll can go see the full story on KHNL, news channel 8's website). The picture above is Jason right after his grand entry, and below is the lineup of those who were dancing with him. (See a size difference...one of those people does not belong...)
This is Kap. He is the star of the whole PCC night show. Jason had a bit to live up to being in the backround for this guys performance, but no pressure. (In case you can't tell, this guys is HUGE. He's also really funny...puts on a great show!)
Here's Jason, both ends lit, ready to go. Sadly, um, there were a couple minor setbacks during his performance, so we did not get a picture of him actually twirling the knife. We did see him perform the feat...just after the actual show. It was still pretty cool...when he wasn't nervous, Jason was actually pretty impressive with a fire knife, especially considering his short time training! (We think we see a performance in order at the next Horspool or Tang family reunion!)
And in case you think the whole thing is fake, let Jason's hand reassure you that that is indeed real, for-shizzle hot fire! This is after trips to the doctor and having treatments put on it! Pretty intense, but at least Jason can tell everyone that he earned his scars doing Samoan warrior dancing, eh?
Gross, Jason.
We were treated totally VIP. We went backstage, got front row seats, were given free ice cream and bottled water during intermission. Pretty sweet! So for the first time we got some semi-decent pictures of the show, (it's hard because they don't let you use a flash and it's very low lighting, but at least we have something!)
Awwwww.... our little niece of Hawaii!
And here's the whole gang, soon to be of four. Thanks guys for a great night! (And good luck with the hand!)