*Insert Jaws Theme Song Here...

So, in case you thought we were all talk and no show, guess again! We did, in fact enter a cage, completely surrounded by 20-30 hungry Galapagos sharks! It was, to say the least, AMAZING! So, so crazy!

The day before our excursions, I was excited, but the morning of, Matt and I were getting slightly nervous. As the 15min journey by boat ensued, I personally was starting to get just less than terrified! Maybe this was due to the fact that as soon as we pulled up to the cage, which is permanently floating 3miles off shore, these big, gray things could be seen moving around, only feet below the surface. Knowing what they were was not all that comforting, really. However, we had little time to think before climbing down the ladder into the floating cage, set in 500ft deep ocean. Here's about what we saw, in the first few seconds:
I don't know how well you can see, but there's about 8 sharks in that picture above, and those just on one side of the cage! At first they stayed back a bit, but soon they were coming in for a closer look...

...they were everywhere...

...around and below us....

Those little black "dots," are actually little fish, clinging on for a free meal while the shark gets its cheap snacks.

They were so fast, and so many of them!

Doesn't this guy just kind of look worried? Shark: "Gosh, I sure hope those things don't get out of their cage...they're terrifying!"
Once out of the water, the rest of the people on our tour got to go in. We watched the sharks from above while the captain and deckhand-kid threw whole and pieces of fish to the more than eager sharks.

One brown-footed booby joined in on the spoils...supposedly this guys hangs around everyday and is quite big for his species due to all the handouts.

Seriously one of the coolest things, well, actually, maybe the coolest thing we've ever done. It was really, really awesome to be so close. Neither of us actually touched one...kind of wish I would have. They were so fast though, and coming one right after the next, so it would have been risky business to tempt them with a fresh limb. Even so, our pictures can hardly do justice as the feeling of being there, so close, was just so intense. I think now I could see a shark in open water and not totally freak out. They're pretty amazing creatures!
Now we have to try to not be bored with normal life...or think of something else crazy to do. Suggestions, anyone?

Enjoy the video!