Shark's Cove Revisited

Before our trip to the shark cage we thought it fitting that we would keep with the trend and take a visit to Shark's Cove. As expected, it was a lovely, bright, sunny day for snorkeling and picture taking. We got quite a few nice pictures (the fish aren't quite as shy here, I'm guessing because of all the tourists). At one point, Melissa jerked the camera out of my hand and dashed off. I wasn't sure what she was after until I saw the video that she captured. I tried to follow her but she was a woman with a purpose, even if that purpose brought her right up against some mean-looking rocks and her husband was not brave enough to follow.

This school of fish was just chilling about 10ft down having some lunch. I decided it was my obligation to dive down there and scare them. Unfortunately, these guys saw right through my bluff and just kept on eating.