Kauai Day 3

Going back in time...

On the north shore of Kauai, where we were staying, there are these big taro fields. I thought they looked very picturesque.

Overlooking these fields papa Koch and I posed with a beautiful rainbow. This is in no way an indication of our orientation, we just thought it was pretty.

There are a few caves along the north shore. The dry caves (with hobo sleeping gear included)...

...and the deliciously wet caves:

This is my (Matt's) favorite panorama. It's in one of the wet caves in a place called the "blue room." For some reason the cave here glows blue.

Behind our condo was a sweet beach called Hide-a-way Beach. Once we descended the seriously sketchy stairway we were treated to some of the most beautiful water and snorkeling we have found in Hawaii.

Some very nice fish...