What Happenned Before Year 3

So we are officially in our third year of marriage now! Well, actually it's been almost a month since our anniversary, but that's how we roll around here...very slowly. But here's what we'd been up to at a quick glance:

Our last day in Hawaii found us still on Kauai, so we took a picture out our favorite room of our condo; nice view!

That same day we left Kauai and ended up right back on Oahu with a TEN HOUR layover in the Honolulu airport. Blah! But thankfully our great friends, the Tangs, saved us and took us to the beach. Yeah! Thanks guys...we miss you all!

Finally we arrived in Yucaipa, California to stay with the parent's until Matt found a job. We're still at the parent's, so that tells you how the job search is going. Luckily though, we have all our old animal pals back to hang out with, which is almost as good as having an inflow of money...almost...

Not only did we get our cats back, add a dog, and get to hang out with the world's ugliest dog (but the mow hawk on her does look smashin...she belongs to Mom and Dad), but we also were reunited with our cute little nieces! Well, they're not as little as they used to be, but they are still pretty dang cute, and getting to be very funny!

Both of us made a quilt. The finished products are quite lovely, and Melissa was pleased that Matt didn't make her sow his entire quilt...what a guy!

And, well, a self-explanatory picture. So yeah, there we go! That's pretty much our life for the month of July, in a nutshell.