The World's Happiest Couple On Earth

If the above is true, then what better place to go to for our second anniversary than the world's happiest place? Yes, that's right, we're in California now so that can only mean Disneyland! We went up on our anniversary day, August 11th, spent the evening in Downtown Disney, then spent the whole next day between Disneyland and California Adventure. No better place for two big kids, that's for sure!

That rascally Stitch...also cute and fluffy!

Melissa couldn't hold it any longer, so she took a little pooh right in the corner...

On the Splash Mountain ride...the best ride on a hot day.

We had a lovely two days. Pretty much any day is good as long as we're together, but it's always nice to have things like anniversaries, and we look forward to a whole bunch more!

Love you Matt!