A Trip to Zions!

In honor of Melissa's brother, David, returning from his mission, and her other brother, Danny, taking off, Melissa's family had a lovely get-together at Zions National Park.

The First Day

This is just a view from our lodge.

Along the Riverwalk Trail...there was always some Koch kid climbing a rock somewhere...

A friendly little visitor at our lodge. (Well we assume he's friendly as he didn't bite off David's hand, the only crazy one that would go near a sick tarantula!)

Day Two

Playing Pooh Sticks on the Pa'Rus Trail.

Weeping Rock was a big hit as the temperature outside during our whole trip was in the hundreds! So Hot! Dripping water was truly divine!

Day Three

We took a little detour to Bryce Canyon. Really, really beautiful! Even though we only spent a little time there, it was very stunning!

Day Four

Some of us hiked up to Angel's Landing, while Mom, Natalie and Jared went horseback riding.

Matt, Dad, Danny and Grammy were the only troopers who could brave the heights and get to the end of Angel's Landing. That's our grandma, right there! Go Grammy!

The Last Day

The last day we were all departing so Danny could enter the MTC the very next day. Just so happens our trip ended on Melissa's parent's 25th anniversary!
25...that deserves a toast! (Melissa is represented by the cup in the corner...those are very classy lodge-provided bathroom cups we used to toast with our Martinelli's.)
Before Grammy and we headed back for California, we took a couple more, small hikes to make sure we saw all possible.

If Melissa had taken biology in California she may have known whether or not this is a toad or a frog. At least she had it down to an amphibian...

We had a very fun trip! Melissa's siblings are getting older and as that happens the sarcasm, injuries and silly ideas get bigger all the time. But really, it was great to finally have everyone all together. We look forward to another great gathering in two years!