More Fun With Family

Though we never thought we would, we actually miss Hawaii now and again lately. Mostly our sadness comes from being in a hot, dry area without a beach for snorkeling in sight. We dearly miss taking all those fun sea-creature pics. However, let us not feel self-pity. In place of marine life we now have some family to hang out with, and that is always a riot!

Two of our immediate family are still just little turds, but they have their adorable side (which we're pretty sure they only play up so we'll keep feeding them).

We were glad we didn't miss Sophie's one year birthday party. She made a cute little bug (ladybugs were the theme for the party, which was very well put together by Katie, and had some delicious foods cooked up by Chef Boyarbilly)!

We're not sure who Sophie loves more, Minnie or Matty...

Sophie had way, way too much fun with her cake...

...but at least the final result matched her outfit.

Just this last weekend we got to go spend some more time with Grammy. She took us to the arcade that Melissa's dad and aunt used to go to with their grandparents...thanks for keeping the traditions alive, Grammy!

Grammy had quite the shot!

We of course had to show off our Dance Dance skills, though we probably should have been embarrassed at how good we were at it.

After spending the night at Grammy's we went for a little hike. Melissa got to carry Dickens for Grammy, (Grammy also has a big dog named Nugget...her and Juno were quite the pals all weekend). (Oh, and did we mention that Melissa has gone completely blond now? That could be taken literally or figuratively, these days...)

And the proud couple moved into their new house with their adorable children. (Don't laugh...that will probably be the only house we can ever afford at the rate we're going).

The sweet!

Well, can it be? Yes, it can! We have finally caught everyone up on all our happenings. We know nobody really cares, at least not until we have real children. But we just like hearing ourselves type and seeing our beautiful faces on that world-wide web, therefore, there will be posts! Until next time, love, peace and chicken grease!