Christmas 2008 has come and gone, but we had a great time being together for our third Christmas! Our festivities started on Christmas Eve with the McIntosh tradition of giving PJ gifts to each other.

Christmas morning we started things off by digging into our stockings. Both of us were pretty spoiled in that area alone!

Next came present opening. One of Matt's gifts came in handy when used in conjuncture with Melissa's gift. A Darth Vader mug made the hot chocolate even better, and the hot chocolate was already pretty dang good because it was made with a brand new steamer. Mmmm, mmmm...

Everyone liked their presents, even the furry friends around the house...
...some just needed the wrappings...
...and some ate theirs too fast to even get a picture of it.

Later on Christmas day we had the pleasure of great company!
Cute company!
And industrious company!

We made away with a steal, had fun together, and all in all we were just glad for the Christmas season, and the real reason for Christmas, that being Jesus Christ, His life and His Atonement for us.
Merry (late) Christmas Everyone!