A Couple Cool Visitors

Not long after our Yosemite trip, Melissa's brother made an excursion of his own, coming from Provo all the way to our house! This was Melissa's first immediate family to visit our new house... we were very pleased!
First day of his visit we took David, and his friend, Katie (who came along for the thrills), to none other than Disneyland! Turned out to be a great day with very short lines. We got on Splash Mountain in 15min...unheard of most of the time!

Katie really like the teacups...

Poor Matt had hopes of becoming the next Disneyland King, but he apparently lacks the qualifications for the job.
Next day we went to the other side of the park to California Adventure. Once again we had incredibly low crowds. Thus we rode Tower of Terror like 4 times! Katie really liked that one too!

Melissa made new friends...

and Matt alienated people by posing as a bum in California Adventure's Hollywood Blvd set-up.

The day was so great we just had to do a little dancing in the sunset!

We'll skip David and Katie's unfortunate weekend events and skip forward to the Tuesday before they left. That day was beach day!
Beautiful, sunny day...couldn't have planned it better!
David is striking some sort of Neanderthal pose.

As is always the case Matt was bound and determined to create his most magnificent sand castle yet.

We each ended up doing our own side of the fortress. Melissa chose a less traditional expression in the sand.

While Matt possibly did create one of his best castles yet, (though the details were hard to pick up in the harsh sunlight).
Poor Katie was suckered into being made into the "Obese Mermaid," as Matt and David dubbed the final product.

And we finished the night off at Ruby's on the pier.

Thus ended David's visit, but hopefully it was just the beginning of us having guests!


  • katiebonnie | May 23, 2009 at 7:48 PM

    Despite everything that's happened between david and I, I just want to say thanks so much for the fun time! It really was such a great trip. I love how the mermaid turned out! Ha Ha Ha I look so awkward and weird!
    P.S. I love your new dog!