Yosemite In A Little More Detail

Well, we try to avoid doing the "chain entries," but in order to not put up a million pictures at once we would have to be on top of things...which we never are. So this will be one of many posts today, and then maybe either life will slow down or we'll get faster at our organization? Probably neither. Oh well!
Since the panoramas already give a lot of the scenery views, this entry will mostly be people pics.
Yosemite started out on April 14th. Here is a classic view of "The Valley"...where all the main attractions/trail heads are.
On our way up to Bridal Veil Falls Melissa was already falling in love with every tree/stump/log...remnant of her Oregon hippy upbringing.

Though it's hard to tell, Matt is getting blasted by the mist coming off of Bridal Veil. Definitely soaking!

After exploring all day, we wanted to make one more stop before heading to our dwelling for bed. All of us were there, including Matt's parents, (who actually planned/paid for this whole trip...thanks!), and Billy and Katie with their respective kiddos. The girls look cute in cold!

The grove we had been setting out to was possibly amazing, but our crew turned around early due to snow! Poor Lia and Sophie almost froze to death; thank goodness for cars with heating.

Day two of the trip we set out by ourselves to complete a more rigorous hike. The adventure was supposed to take us up to the top of Upper Yosemite Falls-if Melissa would stop fooling around!

On our way up we found a little Mistletoe. Who said to wait for Christmas for smooching?

This was about as close as we got to the top. Well, maybe a few feet closer, but ice and sleet were kind of impairing our climbing ability. Still though, this view was worth the extremely steep terrain we had just scrambled up.

Our last full day in Yosemite we spent more time with our lovely family. What a bunch of lookers!

Sophie was surprisingly loving her backpack, (she's not one to usually be confined!)

Parting with Katie and the girls for a bit Billy and we started up the ever famous "Mist Trail." Fortunately we got as far as Vernal Falls, which truly is gorgeous. Unfortunately, the rest of our path was, of course, iced. So we headed back to the rest of our party.

A lovely stroll along an adorable river helped us get over having to miss out on the Mist Trail.

Despite the cold, we still had a great time in Yosemite National Park. Someday we'll go back and see all the beauty in a different season, perhaps!