New Mu!

Meet Mu, (pronounced Moo...don't ask why we spelled it just sounded fun). This is the new addition to our family which consists now of 7 mammals, (only two of which poop and pee in the toilet).
We adopted Mu, who is a border collie/lab/retriever mix, to be a companion for our spoiled, slightly odd Juno. Our hope was that Juno could learn how to play and have fun like a normal dog, (she can be slightly timid and serious at times). It might be awhile before Juno has much respect for Mu as he is just slightly small compared to her...

Here's the boy's show pose. He is 11 weeks old right now and already trying to look good for the ladies...what are we going to do with him?

This demonstrates why the name Mu. Our little guy is a want-to-be-heifer, both in looks and in his grazing habits. Seriously, if you put a different head and tail on that body, who says that isn't a cow?

His favorite toy is usually not just being cuddled with. Usually....'s being knawed on, (as is everything else left on the floor)!

Mama is so proud!

And Daddy has someone to watch the History channel with...when it's not so boring...

So far our little puppy/contortionist has been very fun and way adorable. Of course he needs a little bringing up, but honestly he's much better behaved than we expected. Hopefully he'll grow into the fine young man we know he has the potential to be!