Family In Town!

We just had the pleasure of Melissa's family visiting us for the first time since we've been in our house. Before they got to head down to our place though, we hung out at Melissa's grandparents for a day.
The next day we were so lucky as to have Billy and Katie let us use their yard/house for a big-size reunion BBQ. We think everyone had fun...
...especially Lia and Sophie, who got to rope Natalie, (Melissa's sister), into being a playmate for a few hours.

No trip to CA is complete without the Disney routine. Melissa's parents and siblings did not do any fluffy Disney visit either...they went for four days! That's intense, but they enjoyed their Goofy time.

Jared had a little drooling problem in the line for Thunder Mountain.

Natalie had a lot of fun on the "big" roller coasters.
While the girls posed pretty in the teacups...
...the men had to spin themselves faster...
...and faster.

We only spent two days out in Anaheim. The second day was California Adventure time...we love the new Midway Mania ride!
Don't looks like Mom and Natalie are going to pass out, but it was actually Jared who peed his pants right after the Tower of Terror.
California Screaming!

Once Mom and Dad got done playing at the parks, it was time to visit Grammy's!
Dad's birthday would be coming up so Grammy had a little party for those who wouldn't be there.
The party included a a pinata, but Grammy doesn't just let anyone have the first whack...first we had to win at horseshoes, (or lose, in Melissa's case...Matt won), to determine the "batting order."

Fun stuff!
We finally broke the pinata and out came all sorts of goodies and toys. Here we all are with our cool glow-sticks.

Even though Melissa's family were leaving the next day, the good times were not over. We all headed to the Big Bear arcade for some ski-ball. Melissa's dad used to play on these exact machines with his grandparents when he was little. His skills must not have diminished too much as he was able to score a perfect 450, (nine throws, at 50 pts each, and yes...we had to enhance the score in the background a bit, but just it's clarity, not it's numbers!). What a guy!

All in all it was a great trip and we were sad to say good-bye. Having family around is always fun...we can't wait for the next get-together!