Surprise Date and Family Fun

Once again we are a little behind on our happenings, but since our delay is due to too much fun we are ok with it! Anyway though, a little bit ago Matt planned a romantic outing to a falls near us. What a sweet guy... I am so blessed with the perfect husband! And the date turned out perfect too, so what more could I ask for?

At the very end of May we made another fun trip up to visit Grammy. Actually, I was playing piano for her students during their recital...I was the "Guest Performer," as you would. Before the shin-dig though we spent a lovely evening and then morning playing at the lake. Mu had his first time in the water, and we aren't sure he loved it, but he was a good sport!

June brought the first Mom and Dad McIntosh garden harvest. We headed over with Billy, Katie and our cute nieces for a celebritory feast. Lia did such a great job rounding up veggies for dinner!

What a cute family we are!