A Wedding, A Reunion and Some Decent Entertainment

A couple of weekends ago we got to go to Melissa's Aunt Anne's wedding.
The ceremony and reception took place in a courtyard off of Union Station in L.A. Beautful!
Before the ceremony we took a few pics around the station. Aside from the transients sleeping on the floor and benches the station is really pretty!
We got to hang out with cousins Phil and Heather, as well as Jamie, Nikki and Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tom. Always fun when us cuties all get together!
Aunt Anne was gorgeous, as was the ceremony and reception. Melissa loved it and drove Matt crazy asking him, "Wasn't it just beautiful?"
Edgar and Anne exchanging vows...
After the couple were pronounced married the party began. There was an open bar and seems that Phil got a little buzzed on his endless Shirley Temples!
Gorgeous girls!
The food, the family and the fun were all great! Too bad we can't have weddings going on more often! Congrats to Anne and Edgar!
This last weekend good times with family continued on. We got to go up to Grammy's on Saturday and the next day Grammy's brother, Jerry, and his wife, Rosemarie, rolled into Big Bear. We had not seen them since our wedding reception in 2006, so needless to say we really enjoyed being reunited!
There's always a lot of fur going on when our two dogs get together with Grammy's two dogs. Rosemarie and Jerry were very kind as to pet our little beasts and give them some love!
When we got back from Big Bear Matt's parents dropped off an enormous luxury for us...our entertainment center! Yea! Now our TV won't have to sit on the floor any more! Melissa designed this center and Matt and his dad built it, (though Mom and Dad ultimately ended up finishing almost all of the final construction, varnishing and sanding for us...thank you and sorry!). Assembly was pretty gruelling since this thing is BIG...
...luckily Dad and Matt had Prince Humperdink to help.
Now we just need to fill-her up with all of our miriads of books and trinkets. We've never been too quick on that whole organization thing. For now the entertainment center is sitting pretty, and we love it!