Crescent Bay and Holy Cow!

So, last weekend we headed to the beach with Taylor and Aubrey. Even though the day was outcast, after our hot desert of a home we did not mind the break from sun! The boys went snorkeling a little bit and then we all just hung out, rested, and ate dinner at The Crab Cooker.

Tay and Matt's old buddy from college, Sean, was in town. Here's the trio before braving the wakes...
...and here is Matt retreating to land after not seeing much of anything. Good swim though!

We caught Aubrey off guard...
...and we caught
The weird thing is, those would be the last pictures we would take of Taub before they became...

...a mom and dad?!!! Crazy! Little Sam made his entrance to the world earlier than expected by all friends and family. We were surprised to get the news on September 28th, but we were glad we got to stop by the hospital later that day and say hi to the cute little guy and his parents. Good job, Taub, on a cute baby!


  • Aub | October 8, 2009 at 4:16 PM

    wow who took that picture of you two love birds? It turned out great! and that baby is the cutest i have ever seen - I just can't stop looking at that beautiful face!