Family and Friend Frenzy!

November has been a very busy month it seems and we have been so lucky to be able to visit with lots of friends and family!
On November 7th we had a shower for Taub and little Sam. The shin-dig turned out really fun and of course we always love hanging with our buds!
That same day happened to be Melissa's birthday. She is officially old now at 25 years. Whew! Tami was so sweet as to bring a cake just for Melissa to the shower. After the baby festivities Melissa was spoiled by family near and far and taken out to dinner by Matt's parents. She had a great time being the center of attention and thank you to everyone for making the day special!

The very next day we got to go visit with Grammy again. We always love those trips!

Only one week later Aunt Virginia came all the way from Georgia and we had the priviledge of visiting with her! She's so great!

Aunt love continued when Trudy showed up the day before Thanksgiving! Sharing laughs with her is always a load of fun!

Thanksgiving we were just surrounded by our favorite people. The food and company were so great!
Mom and Dad hosted the Thanksgiving party...
...and after dinner we all played a friendly(ish) round of croquet. Melissa won but she doesn't want to rub it in anyone's faces...except for Billy's, Matt's, Uncle David's...
Day after Thanksgiving we went to Oak Glen with everyone after a delicious breakfast at Chris and Robin's, (thanks Robin!). Not only did we get to enjoy the most scrumtious apple cider doughnuts, but we got to spend more time with immediate and extended family, which was a great way to end the week!

We'll have to come back to our Vegas trip. We finally got to celebrate our August anniversary by taking a jaunt over to Sin City. Pictures coming soon! Now we just have to get over the fact that fall is almost over and Christmas is coming as fast as can be. Crazy!