It's An Elliot!

Elliot Marjorie Born on Thursday, March 4, 2010
7lbs 12oz
20.25in Long
Perfect As Can Be!
So, we kept meaning to post this sooner, and we've taken more pictures since our beautiful girl has come home. However, we wanted everyone to meet our gorgeous girl that we are so in love with and completely smitten by!

Here is her just moments after her arrival into the world! Already so beautiful!
As soon as she passed the APGAR with flying colors it was back in the happiest-mom-in-the-world's arms!

The first day Elliot got to meet Grammy, a whole bunch of friends, Aunt Katie, and Grandma and Grandpa M. (We'd put all the pictures up but like we said...we're still trying to get them all together). She is so blessed to be born with such a great group of people around her, and we appreciated all the support and company!
We ended up staying an extra day in the hospital, but that's ok. Daddy loved holding his new baby girl no matter where we were!

The new, little family!
And the all important, "Going Home Outfit." We wanted to make sure our little girl is brought up right and knows what is important! :) We finally went home on Saturday, the 6th. It feels so good to be here now!
Like we said, there will be more pictures to come and we'll divulge the whole story of how Elliot came into the world and all that. For now it is time for Elliot's parents to recover from last night! Stay tuned!