Since We've Been Home

We are trying our best to stay caught up on all of the pictures we have been taking of our beautiful girl. If you know us though we've probably already taken 1,000 photos, (maybe that's an exagerration), so it takes some time! However, here are a few more photos for your viewing pleasure. Please note that in the following shots you will see our daughter was somehow born a Trekkie even though we are more Star Wars fans. Plus there is a sequence of the adorable faces Elliot makes when she's working up a poo for her diaper. Yes, even when she's pooping our daughter is adorable! You will also see her dressed up with Mommy in the best possible way to impress her daddy, (all those who know of Matt's panda fettish will catch that), and her first bath is in the mix here too. Please enjoy!

We are so in love with our little Elliot. She's already growing up, and while it's kind of sad, it's also so precious! She is the sweetest little spirit and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!