Have to Brag

So, those who know me know that I take very few opportunities to be domestic. Not because I can't be, but usually I'm too busy with our photography, or playing with Elliot, or hanging out with Matt, or reading, or writing, or a whole list of other things that I find to be more fun than being crafty. However, I had this vision of an Independence Day dress for Elliot, and once I got the idea in my head I just had to make it. Here is the finished product of what started out as just a thought:

The dress...                                             
...and the matching headband.

The side/back of the dress. You can barely see the really cute buttons I used! The first time I put the dress on her I thought it didn't fit. This time though it worked just fine. Either I'm crazy or Elliot was pooching her belly out the first time just to drive me insane!

And this picture is just because our girl is so cute and can make the most awesome faces. I love this girl. (Obviously...nobody else could get me to spend so many hours at a sewing machine!)
Now we got the dress, we just need the occasion! I guess it's coming right up, which in and of itself is amazing...Elliot will be four months old!
How in the gravy did that happen?