A Week in the Life

These past few days Elliot has been acquiring all sorts of new skills. For instance, the Toe Grab:

"Hey, look! I got my feet!"
"Whoa! Where'd they go?"
"Ah...there's that slippery little booger."

Or how about the "Binky Dislodge" trick: 

And her new favorite activity, standing:

"What? Are you watching me?"                  "Oh yeah...you're looking at me!"

Not only has she been busy in her physical activities, but Elliot has learned some valuable lessons this last week. Such as...

...don't ever let your parents take you into a hat shop when you have no protesting abilities.

...if you do anything goofy, semi-disgusting (if you weren't a baby), or extremely flexible, it will be caught on camera and immortalized.

...and no matter how friendly the dinosaur you are riding seems to be, he is just sure to feed you to his friend for a quick buck.

Sometimes you just have to learn things the hard way.