Three Months and Growing!

Our girl just won't stop growing, no matter how much we plead with her! Well,'s been pretty fun watching her come into her own, so guess we aren't too sad. For her three month "birthday" Elliot got to go swimming in Jason and Heather's hot tub! We weren't sure how she would handle the wet, (it was not hot...don't worry), but she seemed to like it! Her favorite was when Jaxson would jump in and splash her. Looks like our girl was born to swim! 
Aside from swimming, Elliot loves her hands! Watching them, grabbing toys with them, sucking on them, gagging herself with them, flailing them name it, she does it! At three months she also loves to hold her head all the time now, practice standing, make a "motor" noise with her lips, and hear herself scream. She's sleeping in her crib now, and from 9-10PM until 6-8AM! Mommy is so happy! On the fourth of June we had not seen her turn herself on her side while awake, but when we would go to get her in the morning she was always on her side, though we put her down on her back. Finally, on the fifth she turned on her side like it was no big deal. Apparently she just decided to get active! Yep...she's a funny girl!
When the feet are pruney, it's time to call it quits, and guess that means the end of this post!