What Happened to May?

So, we are a little behind, and you know us and pictures...there's a lot to post!
Elliot has just been growing, and also growing more fond of the camera. Guess she better get used to it with her parents around. She posed in this giraffe outfit just for Grandma K.
Later we had a family gathering to celebrate Grandma M's birthday. Elliot loves big gatherings...the more people to pay attention to her, the better!

Melissa got to celebrate her first Mother's Day! While Matt was very sweet and made her breakfast and a card, really every day is Mother's Day for Melissa. With such a sweet daughter it's easy to be happy in motherhood, (even if Elliot does look terrified when her mommy kisses her).
Spring was springing, (what happenned...it's already summer!?), and Grandma M's irises were gorgeous, as always.

We got to go to Oceanside with some of Matt's fun family. We were celebrating Shauna's birthday! Happy birthday, Girl!
Elliot seemed to be cool with her first beach experience, (and the pun was not intended, but it was a very cool day at the beach. Blankets and fires for everyone!)
We took some romantic shots for all the loving couples there that day. Chris and Robin were first, and fortunately for them, unfortunately for everyone else, their pictures turned out the best, (darn that fading light!).

Before May was over we had another birthday. Elliot's Aunt Katie! We had a really fun night going to dinner and hanging out eating cake. Ok...there was a weird incident with a live band, but other than that, good times! :)
Look at those cute babies!

Other than that, we've just been chilling!