Part 3 (and last) of Our Awesome Vacation

Moving on after our slight lapse of non-blogging, we will finish the tale of three people on a really cool trip:

Day 9 - July 9

After spending the day recovering from our Seattle drive, we were feeling good about going to dinner with some dear friends. Melissa chose to get in touch with her German side at a place called Gustav's...kostlich! (or delicious! for you non-German speaking Herr's and Frau's)! On the left of this picture we have Dan and Diana Belcher, (thanks to Dan for holding a sleepy Elli), on the right Mom and Dad, and at the end, Kris and Tony Bardi.
 Here are Brother and Sister Ipson with a cute looking couple.
 Elliot really just liked the napkins, (when she was awake). 
 Day 10 - July 10

A little BBQ never hurt anyone!
 Some of us sat around the tables, some of us on them...

Day 11 - July 11

 Natalie wanted Melissa to do her hair. Despite the fact that Nat's hair hates to curl, the do turned out pretty well!

After church Grandma and Grandpa read a very profound Peanut's pop-up book to Elliot. (Seriously, don't make fun of Charlie Brown around Melissa's's very important business!)

Day 12 - July 12

 Elliot found her tongue...

Day 13 - July 13

Our parent's backyard is so green and gorgeous, we went out to swing all the time!

Day 14 - July 14

Luckily we have been able to meet up with Melissa's best budy, Jenna, the last two times we were in Oregon. Elliot liked her Aunt Jenna and catching up was so nice!
 Little did we know we would be instructed in the art of hula-hooping by Jenna. She actually makes her own hoops! They were way better than those store bought things and even Matt could keep them up with his non-hips!
 Melissa and Jenna were inseparable from seventh grade till we went off to college. But they've stayed in touch and Melissa's very grateful!

Day 15 - July 15

Grampa took the day off work so we could all go hiking at Mt. Hood. Before we could park at our destination we needed a pass. When we got to the ranger's station they were gone for lunch, so we pulled up some shady grass and had our own meal, (we made Matt spit Elliot back out though).

On the trail we had a gorgeous day! When we came to a clearing with a river and bridge there was a slight debate about how deep the water was. After some retarded, (no offense, Jared, Matt and David), attempts to measure with sticks that were too short, the perfect instrument was found. Indeed, the water was not 6 ft deep as Grandpa had predicted. Wow...hope that victory was worth it!

 Mt. pretty! We were actually in the foothills, as you can see!

 Uncle David had just gotten to Oregon from Utah the night before. Bonding did not take long for him and Elliot!
 So cute!

Only three of us made it to the end of our trail. Unfortunately we had some time constraints, and about 1/3 of the way to the falls we realized not all of us would make it. Matt, Jared and David RAN all the way to and from Ramona Falls! Crazies!

Day 16 - July 16

 Jared needed senior pics taken. Since we have not given him his copy we won't preview them here...except...
 ...the goofy ones!
 Uncle Jared and Elliot had a lot of fun together our whole trip!
 We used the lovely settings for some other shots too.

That evening Jenna's parents invited us to dinner. Melissa used to hang out at their house ALL the time, so dining with them brought up great memories! (Left to right: Melissa, Elliot, Jenna, Sara, Karen, Bill).
 After our tasty supper Elliot just wanted to play with Lucy...
 ...and pose for more than appropriate portraits.

Day 17 - July 17

 Uncle David went to his best buddy's wedding, (the real reason he came to Oregon though we pretended it was for us). We had to get some shots with him looking all dapper and stuff!
 He could really get Elliot to crack up!

Day 18 - July 18

 After church we had a friendly round of croquet. Oregon evenings are SO nice!
(Uncle David beat HE was happy...)
Before bed Grandpa read one of his favorite kiddy books to Elliot, The Big Red Barn. Elliot loved it!

Day 19 - July 19

Our last day in Oregon!
We had so much fun! A few pics of all the siblings...

 ...and Grandma, seemed an appropriate way to end our stay. (Grandpa was at work but he drove us to the airport later).
 Elliot had really loved being the center of attention for so long!

And we all flew off into the sunset.
 Actually though, we did fly out in the evening and Elliot was an angel, as she had been on the way to Oregon. What a good baby!

And thus endeth our vacation, (and the longest blog post EVER!) Thanks to everyone who made our stay so grand! We love you!